Touch Skills For Relationships That Last

Relationships are built on communication.  But, only the smallest part of communication is verbal. Much more of what we understand comes from tone and facial expression.  And even more comes from body language. How we turn towards or away from the person we’re talking to, our posture and stance.  All of these things speak volumes.  And yet, touch is even more powerful than any other form of communication.

A single touch conveys attention, emotion, connection, and so much more.  A graze of the fingertips can express gentleness or sensuality, a hand rested on another can offer reassurance or passion.  Touch skills are the most important aspect of relationship.  The right touch can deepen intimacy and connection, move us past a challenging moment and fan a flicker of sensual flame into a raging fire.

This is why I love to share touch skills in my Sydney Hens Parties and other Sydney Ladies Nights.  These are opportunities to pass along the art of delight and the deep wisdom of touch.  Whether it’s with a live lingam massage or the subtleties of sensual massage, I’m able to teach tantric arts that help you to move into a deeper connection with your lover.  The best thing about it is that these skills, once you learn them, continue to give back.  They help you to cultivate a more amazing connection with your partner, expanding sensuality each time you come together.

In so many subtle ways, we are taught to shield ourselves from feeling, to withdraw from others and try to find safety in relative isolation.  We don’t even realise that we are learning these habits in the moment.  We put up shields to protect ourselves from harm.  But, in the process, we block out feeling, joy, real intimacy, true connection.  And the magical thing about touch is that it can cut through all of these barriers.  In hiding, we try to hold all those parts of ourselves that we are less comfortable with in obscurity.  But real healing and full aliveness only come when we allow ourselves to be seen, to feel and be felt.

Touch is the most intimate form of connection.  It’s a gateway to pleasure and connection with the silent wisdom of our bodies.  To be touched is to feel.  And to consciously touch is to truly feel our partner.  To indulge in sensations and glory in the experience of our lover’s skin, to delight in their body and deeper, in their very being.  And this is what we all desperately want, whether we know it or not.  We want to be seen and felt.  We want to be orgasmic, to feel.

The touch skills I offer help to bring this true connection into our relationship and help it grow.  Slowing down, tuning in to our lover, bringing more awareness and greater consciousness into our connection.  We move past the place of going through the motions and enter a space of newness, each touch being something that’s felt like the first charged brush of a new lover’s skin, the first kiss.  No more stagnation.  No more loss of exquisiteness in the connection.  Learn how to touch your love with your whole being and you enter into a place of depth without bottom and sharing without end.

In love and light,